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          Time seemed to slow down as Finn as he descended the stairs. Bubblegum as well felt time change. As did both of the little ponies.
          “Time and space.” Bubblegum stared into the entity's eyes, waves of thoughts emerging and receding into her mind as she stood paralyzed in awe “It's been. It's been. It's been-”
          Scootaloo leapt onto the table, removing the shackles and freeing Tiara. An act she could not control and would soon regret.
          Finn's strides seemed to float, but he didn't notice. His eyes were stern and focused.
          “You need to become a big sister, Tiara” Cheerilee spoke out loud as her eyes focused on Princess Bubblegum, “You will become a big sister”. Cheerilee broke her gaze, “it is time” she softly said as the doors opened.
          “Eat forgotto ray, Lich King!” Jake yelled as Finn let loose the amnesia inducing ray.
          Bubblegum stopped herself when she came to and realized what was happening. “Brave and noble steed” PB whispered as she watched Cheerilee closed her eyes as the blue light enveloped her.
          A content, accepting smile grew on Cheerilee's face as her body began to glow brighter and brighter. The light began to blind when it finally disappeared in a flash. Everyone in the room felt something pull them towards Cheerilee. Where the grade school teacher pony was, a black portal had formed, sucking anyone and anything towards it.
          Scootaloo and Tiara were clinging by their teeth on the shackles. They swayed and bobbed uncontrollably as they held on for dear life. “Quit bumping into me you idiot!” Tiara yelled through her teeth. She jabbed her hoof into Scootaloo's side, unknowingly in a spot that causes ponies to tense up and feel quite a bit of pain afterwards. She kept jabbing as she herself refused to begin climbing to safety. Scootaloo slipped.
          “Francis! I'll save you!” Jake stretched his arm and grabbed the tiny pony before it could fall into the portal. “Uh, hey, does that beam just have to touch you?” Jake's spoke aloud as he noticed a section of his arm lit up in warm blue hue. Jake pulled in Francis and noticed Tiara “Hey, that looks like fun!” and jumped up, allowing the portal to pull him in “I'm certain this is a good idea!”
          Finn could finally see and immediately dropped the gun. Bubblegum finally lost her grip. Before Finn could assess how to save everything and everyone, he felt something grab his leg. It was Jake, who completely regretted his actions. Finn latched onto the desk with one hand and snatched Bubblegum's hand with the other. Tiara was beside him, bumping into him as she swung from a shackle. The pony began kicking Finn out of frustration until the human boy grabbed her offending leg. That's when Tiara let go.


          It was dark. Scootaloo opened her eyes to Tiara's backside. The voices of the others were behind her. The sky was one giant tattered and torn dark blue cloud with mottled black spots. A heated argument broiled behind her. They had been there for what seemed to be a week, which was after what seemed to be a month after what had seemed a day.
          “Years just fly by, don't they buddy?” Jake said as he laid on the ground.
          “It's only been a few hours, Jake. Now help us dig.” Finn struck into the ground with his make-shift shovel.
          A deafening cacophony of voices began as Finn, Jake, Tiara and even Princess Bubblegum began to move about faster and faster. Scootaloo covered her eyes. She began to look when the constant hum of voices faded away to small blips and blurps. Blurs, trails and streaks of what looked like the group she came in with were rapidly moving, acting. It looked like they were working. Princess Bubblegum was frequently kneeling in a certain spot.  As Scootaloo approached, she thought she heard Diamond Tiara whimpering and sobbing behind her. She turned to see nothing. Jake's voice cracked as it spoke amidst a dull, rising roar, “Good boy, Francis. Good boy. You're a good boy here's a sandwich please tell Finn I did good.” Scootaloo only saw a fading blurry silhouette as she attempted to turn her attention to Jake. She tripped on what appeared to be flat dirt clods stacked in a pile.
          Princess Bubblegum was still at her spot. Scootaloo hesitantly approached. Bubblegum was moving fast, despite her frequent spot. The tiny pegasus drew in a deep breath before stepping towards the candy Princess and calling for her. It was apparent Princess was drying out. Tiny cracks and breaks were forming on her candy surface. “Excuse me, Miss?” Scootaloo nervously spoke. Princess Bubblegum seemed to slow down as Scootaloo continued “What's going on? Where is everyone?”
          Bubblegum gave Scootaloo her full attention as she stood up slowly. She seemed lost. Before Scootaloo could ask, the Princess landed on her knees and anxiously clutched her candy hair, weeping and sobbing “She's lost! I can't get her back no matter how many times I try!”
          “Get who back?”
          “Tell me what you know about magic.” Princess Bubblegum laid on her side, catching her breath.
          “How is that going to help?” Scootaloo watched as the Princess began to crack, she looked as if she would lose an arm. “Well uh, it depends on what they're good at.” Scootaloo nervously obliged until the Princess leapt and grabbed the filly by the leg “What are you doing! Let go!”
          “Now!” Bubblegum yelled, she blurred and reappeared haggerred and worn. “Keep going!” the Princess barked as she seemed to fade away.
          “Uh, that's all it is for unicorns!”
          “That's not enough! Talk about something else! Talk about how you got here!” Bubblegum's voice was beginning to crack and blurb as she faded out.
          “I might have a big sister!” Scootaloo watched in horror as the princess resumed the blurry pace, she looked for the others. Diamond Tiara seemed to be in one place, but only a moment. Scootaloo began chasing after the colored shadows, hoping to grab onto one and slow them down. The hum of voices began to grow louder and louder. “I don't know how I got here!” The shadows never reacted. Princess Bubblegum seemed to be young again, despite her blurry figure. Scootaloo whispered over and over again, that she didn't know how she got there as she watched Princess Bubblegum to be in an endless loop of growing old, dying, and returning to the state when she first arrived. Scootaloo turned around to see the others in their own, similar states as before. Scootaloo's voice grew older as she called out, “Jake! Finn! Anyone!” None of the figures responded. “Anyone!” she laid down, her legs and hooves had aged well beyond of what she had seen. Scootaloo grew tired from her panic, laid on her side and slowly began to close her eyes.
          moment her eyes closed, she immediately felt wide awake. She looked at her hooves. They were growing younger and younger. As she stood up, she could feel herself shrinking. She laid back down. She stared off into the distance at nothing and patiently waited. For what, she didn't know.


          Finn had seen nothing but a swirling, sticking blackness as they fell through the portal. He could feel everyone he was holding on to slipping from him. A faint purplish-blue spot at the end of the portal appeared. Finn called out to the others as he plummeted towards the end. A humming cacophony of voices pierced his ears as he slowly descended onto the ground. The silhouette's of his friends played out what he expected. Princess Bubblegum examining and inspecting everything. Jake laying on the ground, and with a sharp eye Finn could catch a moment where he'd lift his hand up. There were others, though. It appeared that some of the candy assistants had fallen in as well.
          Princess Bubblegum spoke from behind Finn, “It was muffled but I could hear it.” Finn turned around but saw nothing.
          Jake as well spoke from behind Finn, “Will we get back soon? I wanna grilled cheese.” Finn whirled around in an attempt to catch Jake, but the shadow was well gone before he reacted.
          Finn called out as he turned around, “Jake? Is that you?”
          “S'up.” Jake sat flat on his rear.
          “Where is everyone? I thought I heard PB.”
          Jake shrugged and pointed at the blurry pink silhouette off in the distance.
          “Oh hey! It looks like one of the ponies is with her.” Finn began to walk to them “C'mon Jake!” Finn stopped when he didn't hear a response. He turned around to see Jake was gone. “Jake!” Jake was no where to be heard or seen. Finn sat down near the other silhouettes, watching and waiting. The humming began to start, but Finn heard something beside him begin to mumble. It was Jake, but he was old and gray. He was resentfully mumbling how the horses could have tried harder. “Jake!” the moment Finn yelled, Jake faded away. “Oh man. Oh Glob.” Finn walked up to the others, his hand simply went through the colored blobs. “What's going on!” Finn looked at the ground and the sky “This is all your fault!” He began punching the dirt.
          Dents tattered the floor. Finn yelled at the top of his lungs “This isn't working!” he watched as his friends scattered around with their tasks. He stood up and began to run, “If I can't get them, then there must be someone who can!” He noticed what looked like a very tiny silhouette that was constantly running ahead of Finn, off into the distance. And back to where the group was. Over and over and over again. It was good enough for Finn as he continued to follow the tracing line in the dirt.


           Princess Bubblegum sat patiently. She watched and witnessed what the others had seen. Blurry, fast paced, caught in an infinite loop with a routine or two. She dug out a small hole with her hands to watch it react. Nothing. The hole stayed the same as everything else passed by in a blur.
           A line, a tiny blur ebbed outward. It led to a mound of dirt. Bubblegum followed. It led to  Buttermint, standing on the mound. It spoke to Princess Bubblegum. It greeted clearly, consistently and never faded.
           Princess Bubblegum waited. The buttermint never left. “What do you know about this place?” Bubblegum asked as the mint began to sit down.
           “Oh, I know much about this place. Much more than you do for sure.” the buttermint grinned maliciously
           “In that case, tell me all that you know!” Bubblegum sat attentively.
           The buttermint was taken aback from the Princess' resolve. Thinking as fast as it could as it talked “Well, uh, just, uh follow me. I've, uh, forgotten what it was that, uh.” The buttermint watched in horror as the Princess blurred out! “Hey! Hey! Get back here! I'm not done with you! Get back this instant!”
           Princess Bubblegum scribbled into the ground. Reminding her of how she came into this place. The forgetto ray caused this. It caused it when it hit Cheerilee, who at no point resisted the impending disaster. “There has to be more! It's not as simple as this! Buttermint!” Bubblegum looked up to see the mint had left the mound. She looked all around and could see no trace of Buttermint. “If I only knew what Buttermint knew! If only it had ENLIGHTENED ME?!” Bubblegum yelled the last two words in revelation. She immediately ran back to the grounds and began preparing for a difficult game.

          A tiny cinnamon bun followed the internally and emotionally tortured magic dog parent as he carried two tiny ponies with him. It then saw a beautiful, giant butterfly swoop past him. The colors were immaculate! Its orange veined outward onto the pristine black wings, curling and blooming into blue diamonds from the center of its silver body. Yellow crescents fluttered from its tail wings, their centers flashing colors of a velvety blue to a metallic purple.
          The butterfly took off sharply and the world seemed to turn upside down. The cinnamon bun laughed as the world righted itself and began to panic as it went upside down again.
          Two banana guards on look out from afar watched as the tiny pastry plummeted from the castle's highest window.


          “Well, I didn't want to say anything 'cause I didn't want you to feel bad, Jake. I don't know how long it takes to be a parent but I don't think it takes a month,” Jake whimpered as he held the two feuding ponies, looking at Finn with pleading eyes. Finn groaned, “C'mon man, get yourself together.”
          Jake put the two ponies down and looked at them. They looked back at Jake. Jake took a deep breath and spoke with a trembling, hurt voice, “Okay, you two stop misbehaving!”
          “Why don't you tell her to stop being such a rude, inconsiderate, incorrigible jerk!” Scootaloo stared Tiara down.
          “Rude? Inconsiderate? Ha! You ran out of Ponyville against what everypony said to do! We all had to take turns looking for you and possibly be lost forever!” Tiara was quite aware of a second instance of Equestria pouring into Ooo. She gasped in indignity “You! Me being trapped in Ponyville and Cheerilee getting hurt are all your fault!”
          Scootaloo nervously spoke, thoughts of Cheerilee ran through her mind, “Wait, I didn't run away” but Tiara interrupted.
          “Cheerilee possibly died because of you and now we're both stranded in this stupid place!”
          “But, I didn't”
          “You did this you no good blank flank!”
          “Does that have anything to do with my cutie mark?” Scootaloo wiped away her tears.
          Jake was tearing at his scalp as he began yelling, “stop it! Stop it! Stop I! You two are the worst kids I've ever met!” Finn looked with disapproval at Jake, but the magic dog didn't notice as he continued, he turned to Scootaloo and yelled, “I don't care if you get your blank flank!” He turned and stared down Diamond Tiara “and what ever it is you're doing, stop it!” He took a few deep breaths before adding “I am too a good parent!” he picked both of the ponies up and ran through the castle, searching for the adult pony that came with them.

          In the lab, Princess Bubblegum was frantically searching through the tables. Assembling flasks and modifying equipment. She didn't turn around as Jake entered. She simply took a swig from her flask and wiped away the run off from her cheek. “I told her,” she muttered under her breath as Jake tried to address her.
          Jake tried to catch his breath as he placed the ponies down, “You see kids? We already know what you're up to so start behaving!”
          Finn sternly scolded Jake, by addressing him. “Jake.”
          Jake, whimpering, defeated, in vain attempted to think of a way out. He simply yelled and began punching the floor. “Okay! I admit it! I'm not a parent! I didn't raise my kids at all! Are you happy now!? Are you happy now Parent God?!” Jake laid on the floor as Princess Bubblegum approached.
          “Finn,” PB presented a blaster, “I need you to go rescue Peppermint Butler.”
          “Whoa! When did that happen?”
          “Last night. That pony you brought over transcended four legs and now has some weird scheme involving my butler. I need you to end it.”
          “Uh,” Jake looked at the blaster, it's sharp, electrical feeders and prongs looked as if it would destroy a small building, a teary eyed Francis tugged at his shirt, asking who that pony was. Finn asked in flustered concern “this won't hurt it, right?”
          Princess Bubblegum yanked the gun from Finn and shot Jake with it. Jake continued pouting as a blue beam enveloped him. “Uh, I, uh. I'm still sad! PB! That gun's not working. Wait.” Jake looked over the room. “Hey human boy! This is kind of fun! Watch!” Jake began attempting to do a dance similar to the robot, though it was apparent he was forgetting what a robot even was. Jake forgot what even a sense of accomplishment was as he celebrated mid dance, “Ta-daah!” Jake quizzically looked around  Jake pointed at PB “Hey, you! What are you doing with that? Is that good? It better be good or else!”
          PB released the trigger, a few minutes as Jake stood oblivious went by before he reeled in pain on the ground. “Ah! Aaaah! Now I know why I was sad and more! All these memories! Aaahhh!”
          PB shoved the gun into Finn's chest, her voice dry and irritated, “Get it?” Finn nodded as he looked at the weapon. PB continued, “you only have a few minutes after you've dumb her down, otherwise don't expect mercy.” She looked at the fillies.
          Both of the fillies watched as Princess Bubblegum approached them, fearing for the worst. The princess bent down and stared at them. She looked at her dissection table, then glanced at an X-Ray machine, and then at her collection of power tools, saws, hammers and a lone scalpel. She looked back at them. These were desperate times. “So what do you know about that pony that came with you?”
          Tiara pouted “That was our teacher. I miss her.”
          Scootaloo looked away, avoiding any remotely visible eye contact with the posing princess pony.
          “So is she the mother of either of you two?” Princess Bubblegum simply stared as she spoke, as if a great calm was washing over her. Both of the fillies shook their heads. “Well then one of you will need to go with Finn. One of you will need to talk to her and help her remember.”
          Both of the ponies stared, confused as to who and what she was talking about.
          “Your teacher is going to do something with my butler. She might sacrifice him. Kill him. Or worse. And she may even tear this world apart!”
          Tiara sneered “She's a teacher!”
          Scootaloo was too confused to say anything.
          “One of you will go with Finn and confront your teacher. The journey will not be easy.” she stared at a medical table as she continued with a clenching fist at her side, her voiced softened “and the other will help me with experiments.”
          Tiara pushed Scootaloo towards Princess Bubblegum, “I know who's going with whoever Finn is.”
          “Hey! I can do experiments too!”
          Tiara smiled and rubbed up against Princess Bubblegum's legs, “oh! But I just love experiments!” she grinned widely at PB.
          The pegasus filly grunted as she approached Finn, “whatever”
          Finn noticed the pegasus' wings. “Can you fly? I mean, I didn't even know you had wings,” he bent down as he looked at them “they are pretty small”
          Scootaloo groaned
          Jake simply laid on his back. Depressed, mopey, groaning. “I don't think I wanna go, Finn. I don't think I'd be very much help.”
          “C'mon man, we can do this.” Finn looked at the pegasus “Right?”
          “Naw, I'd probably just blow up. Or make the pony blow up. I mean. I'm not a very good father after all. Probably not a good dancer, either.”
          Scootaloo looked behind her at Diamond Tiara and sighed, “You're not alone.”
          Jake jumped right up and started screaming “Let's go get that pony! Because we're not terrible!” him and Jake both jumped out the window. They made it to the town before Finn looked behind him. He stopped and looked for a sign of the filly following.
          “Uh, Jake?”
          “Can't hear you! Busy being a hero!”
          “Whaaaat?!” Jake bemoaned.
          “We forgot the horse!”
          Jake yelled back “Well that was fast!” and flopped to the ground on his back, “If you need me I'll be on a bed. And by the way, could you carry me back to the castle?!”
          “C'mon man! This isn't a time to be depressed!” Finn yelled back.
          “There's always a time! Now get me back to the castle! I'm getting worse! Or leave me in the dirt! Whatever!”
          Finn sighed and gave in, carrying his friend back to the top of the castle, where the hospital wards were.


          Princess Bubblegum heaved a heavy sigh. Her hands trembled as she realized the two horses were in the same room. As she placed her so-called assistant on the table, a bead of sweat rolled down her cheek. Tiara was too busy gloating and rubbing it in to see a banana guard shackle her legs, which she immediately detested. The Princess motioned a guard, which promptly escorted the other pony outside of the room.
          Tiara was running out of steam. “This! Is! What!” she saw Princess Bubblegum pick up a sharp instrument and fell silent. The Princess mumbled about Ooo under her breath. “Scootaloo! Help! Help!” Tiara cried as she tried to back away from the perturbed scientist. “Please! I take back everything I said! I take it all back! Please!”
          A blue light filled the room. Princess Bubblegum stared, “No! What did you do to my butler!”
          A white silhouette was at center of the ceiling. All 26 legs fanning the air. The entity responded “He is alive and well.” Princess Bubblegum accepted the answer and turned her attention back to the experiment. The entity interrupted “Do not hurt these children. I will not allow it!”
          “Then how do I save Ooo!?”, the princess pleaded.
          The lower half of the entity separated and fell to the ground. Metallic legs bent and broke. The entity lowered to the ground, its luminescence growing brighter. The room filled with a giant flash of white, hot light. Everyone looked at where the entity was. Cheerilee stood, her rear half a glowing blue hue of spirit energy, and she was no longer just a pony. Three horns of energy adorned across her brow. Two sets of wings, a set on her back and a set above her eyes. Her mane waved and leaned as if it were in a perpetual current. Her eyes were pure white. She approached the princess and leaped onto the table and spoke “with me.”

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